Hey, I'm Utkarsh!

I am a 3rd year software engineering student at University of Victoria. I design and build software products and websites. If I'm not coding or designing, I might be watching netflix, reading Agatha Christie, playing soccer or hanging out with my friends.


University of Victoria
Software Programmer Co-op @ University of Victoria

Jan - Apr 2019

Performed Software Programming and Testing tasks in the Identity and Behavior-based Secure Personalized Message Classification Project

 Programmed in Java to detect email phishing
 Developed JUnit tests for various classes for email detection project
 Used SQLite and JDBC for storing WHOIS response of domains from web API



Detect faces in your photo


Personal virtual assistant in my computer

Robo Friends

Get a robot avatar for yourself and your friends


Parking made simple


Paint your masterpiece online


Built prototype for an autonoumous underwater robot

Get In Touch

I'm actively seeking internship opportunities and also interested in freelance positions. If you want to work together or just want to have coffee (always down for it), feel free to connect with me on any of the social platforms below!